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Orrin Hatch Lobbyist - The a

How tax act embodies republican culture corruption, The tax bill process was a bonanza for washington’s lobbying industry. more than 7,000 lobbyists worked congress on tax issues in 2017, according to a report by public citizen—more than 60 percent of washington’s lobbyists..
Motion invoke cloture: brian benczkowski, virginia, This was a vote on “cloture” in the senate, which means to end debate so that an up-or-down vote can be taken. a vote in favor is a vote to end debate and move to a vote on the issue itself, while a vote against is a vote to prolong debate or to filibuster..
Transcript mark zuckerberg’ senate hearing – , Facebook chief executive mark zuckerberg appeared before the senate’s commerce and judiciary committees tuesday to discuss data privacy and russian disinformation on his social network..

Mysite, Alex dahl decades experience law advocacy, served branches federal government counsel senate judiciary committee, federal prosecutor, law clerk federal district court judge, working private practice lobbyist civil litigator..

U.. news | latest national news, videos & photos – abc, San francisco testing alert system stops trains shaking..

Mitt romney launches utah senate bid feel-good video, He consensus pick republican leaders replace sen. orrin hatch instant -term incumbent announced retire january 2019..


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